PM Kisan Status Technology Advancements, e-kyc, Adhaar Integration, Digital Payment Solutions, Blockchain Technology 2024

The PM Kisan samman nidhi scheme in India is a government program that was launched in 2019. It is aimed at providing direct income support to poor and financially weak farmers. The scheme is offering financial assistance of Rs. 6,000 per year, which is sent in three equal installments of Rs. 2,000 each, directly to the beneficiary’s bank accounts.

Pm kisan status technology advancements

There are not many significant updates in technology in these years, but a few things were added, which facilitated the farmers a lot. However, it is essential to note that government schemes integrate the technologies gradually, and programs often improve over time to enhance efficiency.

In this article, we have discussed those few advancements that the government of India has introduced to make things easier for the beneficiaries and also recommendations on PM Kisan Status technological advancements. So, let’s hop into our main focus of IT development in the scheme.

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IT Integration in PM Kisan Scheme Operations

The following are some perks that Farmers got in this scheme;

PM Kisan E-KYC

eKYC’s full form is ‘Electronic Know Your Customer’. In eKYc digital verification is done, which aims to simplify the authentication of beneficiaries in the PM Kisan Scheme. It also ensures the timely and efficient delivery of funds to eligible farmers. It is mandatory for all farmers to complete their eKYC before registration.

Aadhaar Integration

In the PM Kisan scheme, you can apply for the Aadhar card online on the website. Moreover, by integrating the Aadhaar system, the government of India can verify beneficiaries’ identities more efficiently. It reduces the risk of fraudulent activities and improves overall transparency.

PM Kisan Mobile Apps

The government has developed the PM Kisan mobile application, which is user-friendly. The interface is so simple to use that even an uneducated person can use it and get facilitated. Furthermore, it enables the farmers to register, check their payment status, edit their details, and access relevant information.

PM Kisan Official Website

In addition to the PM Kisan mobile app, the official portal of this scheme is also well-managed and functional. It is made user-friendly, and any beneficiary visiting that site can access the relevant and important features. You can register, check status, check beneficiary lists, apply for eKYC, and do many more online modes.

Here is the website link.

Digital Payment Solutions

The government has adopted advanced digital payment solutions to ensure a hurdle-free and direct transfer of funds to beneficiary’s bank accounts. You can use mobile banking apps and a few selective digital wallets to receive the funds. The money is received in the bank account provided by the farmer.

Recommendations of Potential PM Kisan Status Technology Advancements

Here are a few solutions and ideas that the government can adopt to improve the operations of the scheme. These considerations might increase the outcome and sustainability of the project if they are taken into account.

Let’s have a look at these points;

Data Analytics

If the government of India can use the knowledge of data analytics, it can make it easy for them to use, store the data and also draw beneficial conclusions from it.

Moreover, artificial intelligence can also help in identifying eligible beneficiaries more accurately. Ai is the future, so they can adapt it to automate their tasks and systems. It can also assist in detecting potential errors in the system and predicting the consequences.

Satellite Imaging

Satellite imaging is an advanced technology. By using this technology, the government of India can monitor cultivable areas, assess crop health, detect errors, and also analyze the weather conditions of the production areas. This can give a lot of assistance to farmers in times of natural disasters.

Crop Insurance

Providing crop insurance data with the PM Kisan scheme can offer comprehensive support to farmers during crop failures or natural disasters. It would be a great help for farmers to cope with these unexpected situations. Moreover, the higher authorities will have to monitor the activities and perform accordingly.

Geo-Tagging of Assets

It is a very advanced technology which is very less common in India. Anyhow, Geo-tagging the farmers’ assets, such as land and livestock, can help to an amazing level to verify their claims and prevent duplication in the beneficiary list. It would be a bit hard to install, but it’s just a recommendation. The government has to analyze many things and has to be in the budget.

Blockchain Technology

It is also one of the advanced technologies of the present times. Leveraging blockchain technology can enhance the security and transparency of transactions. In addition to this, it can also ensure that the funds reach the intended beneficiaries without any delays and hurdles.


Electronic verification has helped in verifying the identity and eligibility of farmers more efficiently. It has reduced delays and enhanced transparency.

Yes, you can check your payment status online through the PM Kisan Status mobile application or the official website if you are eligible for this scheme.

Yes, you can definitely edit and update your personal details by visiting the nearest Common Service Center, through the official PM Kisan Status portal, or by downloading the PM Kisan app.

All the personal details that you will provide while registration will be kept private and with strong monitoring systems. You don’t have to worry about data leakage and privacy concerns, as the authorities have taken this responsibility very seriously.

Yes, the mobile application is available for free on the Play Store for Android and Ios both.


The PM Kisan Status technological advancements, which include a mobile app, eKYC, online support, etc, have undoubtedly solved many problems. The more any business or scheme utilizes IT systems, the more sustainable and profitable it can become. Moreover, there are a few things that can be integrated to avoid the challenges which are listed above in the article.

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