PM Kisan Mistakes: 5 common mistakes that can stop your upcoming installment money

If you are a beneficiary, then you must know the following PM Kisan Mistakes that all the farmers have to avoid. The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana Scheme is a big help from the government. It gives ₹6,000 every year to farmers in three parts to help them grow their crops and care for their farms.

Pm kisan mistakes

But making mistakes can stop this help from reaching you. That’s why knowing what to do and what not to do is very important. In this article, we will help you understand all the common errors people make and how they can avoid them, to make sure they get the support they deserve.

Registration and Documentation Mistakes

Registration Mistakes

A few simple mistakes can create big headaches. Here are a few things that you should avoid:  

  • Wrong Information: Sometimes, people enter incorrect names or numbers. You have to check all your personal details again.
  • Mismatched Details: Make sure your name matches on all the documents, especially your bank account and Aadhaar card name.
  • Skipping Steps: Each step in the registration form is important. Don’t miss any of them.

Steps for Error-Free Registration:

  • Gather Your Documents: You should have your Aadhaar card details, bank details, and property details ready while applying.
  • Visit the Official Site: Go to PM Kisan’s website to start your application process.
  • Fill out the Form Carefully: Take your time. Fill in each detail as it appears on your documents.
  • Verify All Details: Before submitting the application, reread all the details. Any mistake can delay your benefits.
  • Submit and Note Your Reference Number: Once done, you’ll get a number. Keep it safe; it’s your tracking number to track the progress.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be all good to go to receive your benefits of PM Kisan in all installments without any issues.

Documentation Possible Errors

Here’s what you need to do to avoid common errors:

  • Aadhaar Card: Make sure the name and number are exactly right. Even one wrong digit can cause issues.
  • Bank Account Details: The bank account should be on your name, and the IFSC code must match your bank branch.
  • Land Ownership Papers: Land ownership papers show that you are the owner of the land. Errors in these papers can also stop your benefits.
Necessary DocumentsCommon Errors to Avoid
Aadhaar CardWrong number or name spelling.
Bank Account DetailsIncorrect account number or IFSC.
Land Ownership PapersNot matching with official records.

Financial Information Accuracy

Bank Account Mishaps

Here’s why getting your bank details right is so important:

  • Direct Benefit Transfer: The money goes straight to your account. Any mistake may send your money elsewhere.
  • Quick Support: Correct details mean you get support fast, with no delays.

What happens if things go wrong 

  • Missed Payments: If the account number or IFSC code is wrong, you may not get your installment.
  • Long Delays: Even if you fix the mistake, it takes time to correct things and get your money.
  • Extra Work: You might have to visit the bank or officials more than you’d like just to sort things out.
  • FTO Notification: By reading about PM Kisan FTO pending reasons can help you to address the payment delays more effectively.

Correcting Bank Details

Here’s how you can correct the bank details.

  • Step 1: Gather Correct Information: Make sure that your bank details are correct and your account is ready.
  • Step 2: Visit Official Site: Go to the PM Kisan website. Here you can see all the updates.
  • Step 3: Login: Use your Aadhaar card number or mobile number to Sign In to your account.
  • Step 4: Find the Update Section: Look for the ‘Edit Bank Details’ option.
  • Step 5: Enter New Details: Carefully type your correct bank information here.
  • Step 6: Submit and Confirm: Recheck all details you have entered and then submit the application.

Note: If you find out you’re not eligible, it’s a good idea to voluntarily surrender PM Kisan benefits to keep things fair and transparent.

StepsWhat to DoExpected Timeframe
Gather Correct InformationHave your accurate bank details ready.Before you start
Visit Official SiteGo to PM Kisan’s official website.Instant
Log InUse your details to access your profile.Instant
Find the Update SectionLook for a section to edit bank details.Instant
Enter New DetailsCarefully fill in the correct bank information.Take your time
Submit and ConfirmRecheck and submit your new details.A few seconds
Wait for ConfirmationThe system will process your changes.A few days to weeks

The Role of E-KYC in PM Kisan

E-KYC is a platform to confirm your identity electronically using your Aadhaar card. It helps to make sure the right person gets the benefits. So, you should check your PM Kisan EKYC status to make sure whether it’s completed or not.

E-KYC Importance:

  • Safety First: It stops the wrong people from taking your money.
  • Smooth Payments: With E-KYC, your installments come faster and without any errors.
  • Trust and Transparency: It builds a clear and honest system for everyone.

Avoiding Common E-KYC Errors:

  • Mismatched Details: Make sure your Aadhaar card information matches with the details you’ve provided in PM Kisan Scheme.
  • Outdated Mobile Number: The number linked to your Aadhaar card should be active so you can receive messages (OTPs).

Aadhaar Card Linking Errors

The Importance of Aadhaar Card

Here’s why it’s so important:

  • Direct Connection: It directly links you to the scheme, ensuring the benefits to go to the right person.
  • Without Any Error Transactions: It helps in making sure your money is sent to the right account without any mishaps.
  • Smooth Processing: With an Aadhaar card linked, your applications and transactions move faster because your identity is clear.

Mistakes to Avoid While Linking Aadhaar Card:

  • Incorrect Number Entry: Always verify the Aadhaar card number you enter. One wrong digit can bring trouble.
  • Mismatched Information: The details on your Aadhaar card should match what you’ve provided to PM Kisan Scheme. This includes your name, date of birth, and address.
  • Ignoring Updates: If your Aadhaar card details change, update them in the PM Kisan system too.

Remember, linking your Aadhaar card correctly is not just a formality. It’s a crucial step that ensures your benefits reach you without any issues. So take a moment, check your details, and make sure everything is perfectly aligned.

How to Check and Confirm Aadhaar Card Linkage:

Once you’ve linked your Aadhaar card, you’ll need to ensure it’s all set up correctly. Here’s how you can check:

  • Visit the Official PM Kisan Site.
  • Find “Aadhaar card Link Status”.
  • Enter Your Details: Put in your Aadhaar card number and other information it asks for.
  • View the PM Kisan Status: It’ll tell you if your Aadhaar card is linked properly or not.
IssueWhat to Do
“Aadhaar card Not Linked” MessageRecheck the number you entered and try again.
Details Mismatch ErrorMake sure your Aadhaar card details match what you’ve given to PM Kisan.
Can’t Check your Status OnlineVisit your nearest Common Service Center (CSC) for help.

Installment Schedule Insights

Knowing when to expect your PM Kisan money is important. Here’s how it usually works:

  • First Installment: Between April and July. It’s the first boost for your year’s farming.
  • Second Installment: Between August and November. This one comes right when many are prepping for the next crop.
  • Third Installment: Between December and March. It’s a helpful sum to wrap up the year.

But sometimes, farmers get worried when they don’t see the money on day one. Here’s what often causes the mix-up:

  • Bank Processing Time: Even after the government sends it, banks take a few days to process.
  • Waiting for the Exact Date: The installments come in a range of months, not always on the same day.
  • Not Checking Status: If there’s a delay, checking your status online can give you updates.

Tools and Methods to Track Installment Status:

Keeping an eye on your PM Kisan installments is easier than you might think. Here’s how you can stay updated:

  • Official PM Kisan Portal: Visit and use the ‘Beneficiary Status’ section.
  • Mobile App: Download the PM Kisan mobile app for easy access right from your phone.
  • Local CSC: Common Service Centers are there to help. They can check the status for you.
Official PM Kisan SiteDirect information from the source. Check any time.
Mobile AppConvenient, check on the go.
Local CSCPersonal help if you’re stuck.

Avoiding Frauds and Scams

Recognizing Common Scams

There are some people out there who may try to steal your PM Kisan benefits. But don’t worry, we have listed some main things you should be aware of:

  • Fake Calls: Some callers pretend they’re from PM Kisan and they ask you for your personal details.
  • Spammy Links: Watch out for texts or emails with links asking you to update your info. They’re mostly fake.
  • Promise of Faster Payments: If someone says they can speed up your money for a fee, don’t believe them. It’s a common trap.

Tips to Stay Safe:

  • Verify: Always verify the source. If you are in doubt, visit the official PM Kisan site or call their helpline.
  • Don’t Share: Never give personal details like your Aadhaar card or bank information over the phone or to unknown sites.
  • Be Aware: You should know the signs of a scam, like urgent requests or strange links.

Reporting Suspected Fraud

If you think someone’s trying to scam you, don’t stay silent! Here’s how you can report it:

  • Official PM Kisan Helpline: Call 155261 or 011-24300606. They’re ready to help.
  • Local Police: If you’re worried about a scam, your local police can take action.
  • Cyber Crime Portal: For online tricks, report at India’s cybercrime portal:
  • Local Agriculture Office: Visit your nearest office. They know the scheme inside out.
  • Common Service Centers (CSC): These are local help points where you can ask questions and get support.

Note: It’s important to speak up. By reporting scams, you just not help yourself but others, too. The quicker you act, the faster these spammers can be stopped.

Most Importantly, If you receive funds but are later found ineligible, it’s important to return the money. Knowing how to complete a PM Kisan online refund is useful in such situations.

Scheme Updates and Changes

The PM Kisan scheme things might change from time to time. Staying updated is key to avoiding new mistakes. Here’s how you can keep up:

  • Check the Official Website: it is a platform where you can get the latest news. Bookmark it and visit this site daily or after two days.
  • Register for Notifications: Sign up for SMS or email alerts. They’ll let you know when something new is happening. 
  • Download the PM Kisan GOI App: Learn about PM Kisan technology advancements to make handling your scheme details easier.

Resolving and Reporting Mistakes

Access the PM Kisan beneficiary list village wise to confirm your eligibility in the scheme. If you made a mistake in your PM Kisan records, no worries. Here’s how to fix it:

  • Identify the Error: Know what’s wrong, whether it’s your name, bank details, or Aadhaar card number.
  • Visit the Official Site: Go to and log in to your account.
  • Find the Correction Option: Look for a section where you can update your details.
  • Submit Correct Info: Enter the right details carefully and them.
Error TypeModification StepsExpected Timeframe
Name ErrorUpdate via the official site or visit CSC.1-2 weeks for update.
Bank DetailsCorrect the account number/IFSC on the site.1-2 weeks for update.
Ensure the Aadhaar card details match and re-submit.Ensure Aadhaar card details match and re-submit.1-2 weeks for update.


Visit the official website and find the ‘New Farmer Registration’ section. Fill in your details, and you’re on your way!

You can update them on the PM Kisan portal. Just log in, find the ‘Edit Bank Details’ option, and correct them.

You get it in three installments: April-July, August-November, and December-March. Keep an eye on your account around these times.

E-KYC is a way to confirm your identity online. It’s super important because it helps make sure the right person gets the benefits.

If you suspect a scam, call the PM Kisan helpline at 155261 or 011-24300606. You can also report it to your local police or at


The PM Kisan help is very crucial for every farmer that’s why it is very important to avoid all these mistakes to get support on time. Enter your details correctly, whether it’s registration, bank details, or linking your Aadhaar card to avoid any trouble. There are some people out there who may try to steal your PM Kisan benefits, Be aware of fake calls, spammy links, and from any person who promises you a faster payment. Also, Keep visiting the official PM Kisan Portal or download the PM Kisan Mobile Application.

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