PM Kisan FTO Pending Reason 2024 – FTO Will Be Generated Problem Solution

There is no need to worry if you receive the message that your FTO is generated and Payment confirmation is pending. In PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, the farmers might face this notification while checking PM Kisan status. ‘Funds Transfer Order’ is the full form of FTO.

PM Kisan FTO Pending Reason

In this above article, we will discuss the PM Kisan FTO Pending reasons. Let’s dig a little deeper into this query so that you won’t face any problems in receiving your payments.

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme

PM Kisan is a scheme that was started by the Indian Government to improve the agricultural conditions of the country. The initiative provided an amount of 6000 Rupees directly in the farmer’s account so that they could invest in crop production without any financial pressure.

This scheme proved to be a great step for progress as many positive results were observed after this program. Currently, the authorities have also released the PM Kisan app to reduce difficulties in the registration process of PM Kisan.

You can also check PM kisan status, release date, list and all the requirements of the following Installments;

FTO is Generated, and Payment Confirmation is Pending Meaning

This is a very normal thing that the beneficiary faces after visiting their status. The PM Kisan FTO Pending Reason will not cause any trouble. So, there is no need to visit any Common Service Center or call on the helpline number for this issue. You just have to wait for a while.

Actually, it is a very long process in which, after the approval of a farmer’s application, the authorities verify and perform the actions. The beneficiaries have to be patient in this matter and wait for the government to transfer the installment amount directly into the bank account that you have provided.

When you visit the official website in order to check the status, this notification might pop up in front of you, “FTO is Generated, and Payment Confirmation is Pending “. This means that your application is approved, and the higher authorities have verified all the details. These details include all your Personal Information, Aadhar card number, mobile number and bank account number.

Correct Bank Account Name

You have to make sure that the name on which you have opened your bank account should be in your own name. These details should match with the details you provided during the registration process. Any mistake would result in the cancellation of the payment transfer.

Confirmation of FTO

As soon as the government ensures the correctness of the details mentioned above, they confirm the order. But still, there is another step to be taken. After the confirmation by the higher authorities, the Finance department has to transfer the amount from the Government bank to your account.

Transfer of Payments

You have to hold on until the Finance department does their job of money transfer as they have to send to millions of farmers. So that is why this process could take quite a while. This procedure might take approximately 15 to 20 working days.

This is the main PM Kisan FTO pending the reason that you were looking for. The payment transfer to the farmers’ account is not as simple as it seems. You must understand that it is a process involving many Patwari, Tehsildar, collectors, districts and state governments. Then at the end, the information is passed on to the central government.

 So, all these people are connected, and as the information passes throughout, in the same way, the money order confirmation is also notified from one person to another person.

Request For Transfer Meaning

When you visit the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi website and see the notification of RFT signed by the state, you might wonder what it even means. The RFT signed for the 14th or 15th Installment of PM Kisan written on the portal means that the higher government authorities have requested the Finance centers to transfer money.

The RFT full form in PM Kisan is ‘Request for Transfer’. The Indian government first analyzes and rechecks the details of the eligible farmers and then, after the verification process, requests to transfer the amount of each installment. The amount is Rs 2000 in each installment. In this way, financial assistance of a total of Rs 6000 is given to the farmers yearly.

Technical Issues Regarding PM Kisan Status Check

Besides PM Kisan FTO Pending Reasons, the eligible people might face some technical issues in not only the application process but also in checking their status. We recommend that the farmers should be active and visit the official website to stay updated. So, if you face any of these technical issues other than the PM Kisan FTO Pending status, then you can read the following solutions provided.

Invalid Details

Suppose the status is showing ineligible, and the FTO order is showing ‘Not Generated’; then this might be the reason that you have entered any Invalid detail due to which the government has not confirmed the order.

In this case, wait till the FTO is generated. If it takes a lot of time, then you should edit the details from the website. (


If any error is shown or the status isn’t updated, try refreshing your browser. By changing the device or refreshing the browser, the status can get updated.

Rejection of Documents

In case of an extended wait time of more than 20 days, the PM Kisan payments status still shows that FTO is not generated. Then there might be a possibility that your few documents have been rejected. You might get worried about the main PM Kisan FTO Pending Reason.

To solve this problem, you might receive a rejection notification, or you can manually match the documents you attached. If they are not valid, then submit the authentic papers.


This statement says that the funds’ transfer order has been given, but the beneficiaries did not receive the payments. This statement is often written on the PM Kisan status, so there is no need to call on the helpline.

The full FTO full form in the PM Kisan scheme is ‘ Funds Transfer Order’. It means the government has confirmed the order, and the funds will be transferred shortly to the provided account number.

For this process, it is advised to wait for almost 15 to 20 working days. After waiting for this much longer, if you still didn’t receive any notifications or payment, then contact the PM Kisan Helpdesk for assistance. They will guide you through the process of resolving the issue and the PM Kisan FTO Pending Reason.

The PM Kisan FTO Pending Reason is not very troublesome. It only means that the higher authorities were doing the verification of your important details, and orders are confirmed. After the confirmation, the amount will be transferred to the accounts of beneficiaries in 15 to 20 working days.

Yes, if your status is showing ineligible or payment is delayed, you can edit your bank account number from the official portal. After visiting the site, you will see the registration option where you can edit the details. Portal Link:


If you are here to know about PM Kisan FTO Pending Reason after checking your status, then you are at the right spot. When the FTO order is confirmed, then the transfer of payments process starts, which takes a while. The PM Kisan 16th installment date 2024 is soon going to be released, so ensure you have enrolled in this scheme.

In order to receive the payments, keep checking, and if you see that the FTO is not generated, then it means that the funds transfer order has not been confirmed. In the second case, if the status says that the FTO is generated, then stay easy and wait for the payment received notification. We hope all your queries regarding PM Kisan FTO Pending Reason are cleared.

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