Check PM Kisan eKYC Online 2024, Importance of PM Kisan eKYC and Common Issues During eKYC

The PM Kisan eKYC is an important process for all the beneficiaries to receive the funds. KYC is the abbreviation of ‘Know Your Customer’. It is a process to identify your customers, which is now done digitally.

PM Kisan Ekyc

The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana Scheme allowed all financially poor farmers to invest in crop production. It requires eKYC now. eKYC is a digital process of identity verification.

In this modern time, everything is shifting towards digitalization as it is cost-effective and does not require much time like other traditional ways.

This paperless verification process has now become mandatory for all citizens of the government.

The customer’s identity and all personal details are verified digitally by Aadhaar authentication. This process saves time as no physical documents are required, and the person’s identity is verified online. It has been reported that 99% of the population in India has enrolled for digital identity till now.

You would be curious to know what eKYC has to do with the PM Kisan Scheme. To know about PM Kisan KYC, have a look at our article.

You can also check PM kisan status, release date, list and all the requirements of the following Installments;

PM Kisan Status KYC?

PM Kisan Status is a website portal that allows all the farmers to see the status of their applications and payments. The farmers can visit the official website to get updates so that they can get their payment on time. It is necessary for all eligible farmers to keep checking their status.

The Importance of PM Kisan e-KYC

e KYC is an electronic means to identify new customers. All the registration and verification processes are done online, which facilitates 99 percent of the population.

You do not need to worry about going to any bank or Common service center. The enrollment, status checking, and details updating procedure can be easily done through the KYC registration agencies.

 The eKYC process is considered important to be done due to many reasons. It ensures not only transparency in the distribution of financial assistance but also prevents duplication and fraud. Moreover, this step has resulted in accurate data compilation by the government authorities.

Check PM Kisan eKYC Online

The farmers should ensure the timely checking of PM Kisan Status KYC. You can open your browser and visit the online portal. In this way, you can stay updated on the progress of their verification for the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme.

If you want to know the status offline, you must visit the Common Service Center or contact them on the helpline number.

PM Kisan Payment e-KYC Status Check

To check the PM Kisan payment eKYC status, follow the simple steps above;

  • Visit the PM Kisan official website.

Here is the website link.

  • On the homepage, you will see the PM Kisan village dashboard. Enter the state and district details.
Pm kisan Village Dashboard
  • You will see the total number of registered farmers and a ‘Payment Status’ button.
Village dashboard payment status
  • Click on the payment Status button, and then a list will appear.
Village dashboard Payment status list
  • Look for your name in the provided list.
  • In case you are not getting your payments, then you can select the ‘Received No Payment’ option.
Village Dashboard No payment received option
  • You can check the reason by selecting the ‘Click For More Details’ option
No payment received, Details option
  • Now you will be able to see the status and all the reasons for the delay in the payments.

Steps to Complete eKYC for PM Kisan Scheme

The PM Kisan KYC application process is simple. You can follow the steps below to complete your e-KYC.

  •  Go to the Official PM Kisan Portal or KYC Portal

To complete the KYC, you can either visit the official PM Kisan website or the portal which is designated for KYC verification. If you are unable to do it online, then the third way is to go to your nearest Common Service center. Provide all your details to the CSC operator in person to complete the verification process.

  • Look for the KYC Section

If you have opened the website of PM Kisan, then you have to look for the KYC section. It would be named’ KYC Verification’ or ‘Update KYC Details’.

  • Enter All the Required Details

You will see blanks to enter all the necessary information, including your Aadhaar number, Mobile number, Bank account details and relevant information.

Fill in the data, and don’t forget to recheck the details. Most of the issues arise due to wrong data entry. So, match all the information at least two times.

  • Submit and Track the Application Status

The verification process takes time. The authorities will check the data and then send you a confirmation notification. So, you have to wait for some time. Meanwhile, when you have submitted your application, you can track the status on the portal.

  • Confirmation Notification

You have to wait as the authorities check and match all your personal details. Shortly, you will receive a confirmation notification or text message at your number that your PM Kisan KYC has been completed.

Documents Required for PM Kisan KYC

The documents that are necessary to register for PM Kisan KYC are the following;

  1. Valid Aadhaar Card Number
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Bank Account details, including the beneficiary’s name
  4. Land Ownership Documents or a copy of land records
  5. Any identity card issued by the government, i.e., Driving License

Common Issues During eKYC

Here are a few issues that you can face while completing your PM Kisan Kyc. To make everything easier for you, we have explained some troubleshooting tips below;

Rejection of Documents

It is important to upload authentic documents for registration. If your documents are considered invalid, instantly check whether you have provided clear and valid copies. The system is strict to be safe from fraud and violation of terms. In case you are still stuck, you can call the helpline number.

Helpline Number: 155261 / 011-24300606.

Technical Glitches

If the system is showing invalid details continuously, try using a different browser or refresh the page. Checking it on a different device or clearing the browser cache and cookies might work. 

Invalid Details

It is necessary that the details you enter in the portal match your original documents. In case of errors in personal details, the notification of invalid data might occur. To solve this issue, you can edit all your personal information through the portal.

In most cases, the Adhar details are found to be incorrect or outdated. First, review your Aadhaar details. If you observe any mistakes, edit them through the Aadhar Self-Service Update Portal.

Helpline Support

Besides the issues mentioned above, if you experience any other technical or document issues, you can contact the helpline or support center of PM Kisan. All the details to contact them are available on their official website.


On the online portal, all the farmers can check their PM Kisan status to track their application process and eligibility status. It provides an easy way for farmers to access all the updates online.

No, an Aadhaar card is necessary to complete your eKYC or to check your PM Kisan Status. In case your Aadhaar number is missing, you should apply for it as soon as possible.

Yes, you can edit your KYC details online through the website or by visiting your nearest Common service center.

You can check your status by clicking the ‘Check Status’ button on the official portal. You will find the current status of your PM-Kisan application and eKYC verification.

The government of India has announced that the last date to complete the PM Kisan KYC is 30th September 2023.



The PM Kisan KYC ensures that only eligible citizens receive the benefits under this scheme. By completing the KYC, the beneficiaries contribute to preventing fraud and ensuring transparency.

This process can be done online through the portal where you can track your status. eKYC has proved to be an effective way to reduce the cost and time of the identity verification process.

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