PM Kisan 16th Installment 2024 Date, Beneficiary List, Payment Status & Process

What is PM Kisan 16th Installment 2024 Date?

The PM Kisan 16th installment 2024 is a hope for millions of farmers to improve their lifestyle. It was released in 2024 and it continues to support farmers. It ensures that the hard-working individuals who feed our nation receive the help they deserve.

pm kisan 16th installment 2024

This payment is part of a series that started back in 2019. Each installment played a crucial role in providing support to poor people. It promises financial aid that helps cover farming costs and household expenses.

Number of InstallmentsRelease date
16th Installment February 2024 Expected
15th Installment15th November 2023
14th Installment27 July 2023
13th Installment27 February 2023
12th Installment17 October 2022
11th Installment01 June 2022
10th Installment01 January 2022
9th Installment10 August 2021
8th Installment14 May 2021
7th Installment25 December 2020
6th Installment09 August 2020
5th Installment25 June 2020
4th Installment04 April 2020
3rd Installment01 November 2019
2nd Installment02 May 2019
1st Installment24 February 2019

The table above shows the journey of the PM Kisan installments. Notice how the 16th installment, expected in January 2024, continues aiding farmers. It’s about the consistent support that helps farmers plan better and live with dignity

Learn about all these installments in detail

Key Dates and Figures

Anticipated Release Date:

  • The PM Kisan 16th Installment 2024 is likely to come around the same time as past ones.
  • Usually, it’s given in three parts: April-July, August-November, and December-March.

Financial Breakdown:

  • Each installment gives ₹2,000 to the farmer.
  • In a year, that adds up to ₹6,000 total.
InstallmentAmount (₹)
Total Annual Benefit6,000

This schedule and money help farmers plan better for the year ahead. It’s all about timely help when they need it most.

These PM Kisan all installments help farmers buy seeds, tools, and other essentials. This support means they can keep farming, even when times are tough. For many, it’s the push they need to keep going and feeding our nation.

Expected Impact

This installment could do wonders for the rural economy. More money for farmers means they can spend more. This boosts local shops and markets. Also, with better tools and seeds, farmers can grow more. This means more food and more income. It’s not just good for them; it’s good for everyone.

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana

The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana Scheme is a big step by the Indian government. It aims to provide financial support to farmers. Each year, eligible farmers get Rs 6,000 in three parts. This helps them manage farming costs and other needs.

Started in 2019 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this scheme has come a long way. It has grown to support over 12 crore farmers. The journey from the first to the upcoming 16th installment shows its lasting commitment to India’s farmers.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Landholding Farmers: Those who own and cultivate their land are eligible.
  • Family Unit: The scheme benefits the entire family, including the spouse and minor children.
  • Exclusions: People getting high income, such as large landowners and certain officials, are not eligible.
  • E-KYC Compliance: Farmers must complete the e-KYC process for verification.

Some farmers might choose to voluntarily surrender PM Kisan benefits if their circumstances change. If they feel that they are no longer eligible for the benefits and want to transfer money to other deserving farmers, then they can do it in easy steps.

Enrollment Process:

  • Visit the Official Site: Start by going to, the scheme’s website.
  • Find ‘New Farmer Registration’: Look for this option in the ‘Farmers Corner’ section.
farmer corner interface details
  • Fill in Details: Enter your details such as name, land records, and bank information.
  • Submit Documents: Provide necessary documents like ID proof and land ownership papers.
  • Final Submission: Review your details and submit the application.

Checklist for Eligibility and Documents

Land Ownership RecordsProof of landholding and size
Personal IdentificationAadhar card or other government-issued ID
Bank Account DetailsAccount number and IFSC for direct transfers
Family DetailsInformation about the spouse and minor children
Exclusion CheckEnsure you don’t fall into the excluded categories
e-KYC VerificationCompleted e-KYC process for identity verification

Benefits of PM Kisan 16th Installment 2024 Date

Direct Financial Aid:

  • Timely Help: The 16th installment promises Rs 2,000 directly to farmers’ bank accounts. This aid arrives just when it’s most needed.
  • Yearly Support: The scheme offers assistance through three installments annually.
  • Ease of Access: Through the direct bank transfer option, the process of receiving funds becomes simple. This process eliminates the involvement of any middleman.

Aiding Agricultural Growth:

  • Buying Seeds and Equipment: Farmers can use the money to buy essential items like seeds and tools. This helps them prepare better for the farming season.
  • Managing Expenses: The installment helps cover daily costs, keeping farmers financially stable.
  • Encouraging Modern Methods: Farmers can try new farming techniques with some extra cash. This can lead to better crops and more income.
  • Building Confidence: Farmers can plan for the future with more confidence by knowing they have financial support.

This scheme provides farmers the resources and confidence they need to grow. Each installment is a step towards a more stable and prosperous farming community.

Visit the PM Kisan Portal

Official Website Guide:
Visit the website and you will get all things related to PM Kisan. Here’s how to use it:

  • Homepage Overview: Start on the homepage. Here, you’ll find updates, notices, and links to various services.
  • Farmers’ Corner: This section is especially for farmers. Click here to find registration and PM Kisan status check options.
  • Help and FAQs: Got questions? This part of the site has answers. It’s full of helpful information on common queries.

How to Check Beneficiary Status?
Are you wondering if you’re on the list for the 16th installment? Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit Look for the ‘Farmers’ Corner’ on the homepage.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Beneficiary Status.’ This is where you’ll see if you’re set to receive the next installment.
  • Step 3: Enter your details. This might be your Aadhar card number, mobile number, or registration number.

Note: Farmers can view the PM Kisan beneficiary list village wise to find their names and confirm their inclusion.

If you want to check your status or look for scheme details, the interface is user-friendly and makes sure farmers can easily access the support they deserve. We see technology advancements enhancing the way farmers interact with the scheme.

 How to Verify Your Eligibility and Status

Verification Process:
To check if you’re eligible and where you stand for the 16th installment, here’s what you do:

  • Start at the Source: Visit, the official website. This is where all the accurate information lives.
  • Find the Right Spot: Look for sections like ‘Beneficiary Status’ or ‘Eligibility.’ This is where you’ll get the real scoop.
  • Input Your Information: You’ll need to enter some details. This might be your registration number or maybe your Aadhar card number.
  • See the Results: After you input your details and submit, you’ll get the information you’re looking for right there on your screen.

How to Fix Errors:

  • Recheck Details: Make sure all the information you entered is correct. One wrong number can cause great trouble.
  • Update Your Information: If something’s changed, like your bank details, make sure the scheme has the latest information.
  • Reach Out: There’s a helpline and FAQs on the PM Kisan website. They’re there to help, so don’t hesitate to use them.
  • FTO Pending Notification: If you’re facing delays, you can read in detail about PM Kisan FTO pending reasons that can provide clarity and help rectify issues.

Helpline Number: 155261 / 011-24300606

If the government finds out that you are not eligible and got money by unfair means, you have to transfer the money back. In these rare cases, it’s helpful to know the process for a PM Kisan online refund.

Note: PM Kisan eKYC status is important for ensuring you’re ready to receive the 16th installment.

Preparing for the PM Kisan 16th Installment 2024

To get ready for the 16th installment, here’s what you can do:

  • Update Your Details: Make sure all your information on the PM Kisan portal is current and correct.
  • Complete eKYC: If you haven’t done this yet, now’s the time. It’s a must for getting your money.
  • Check Your Bank Account: Ensure it’s active and can receive the payment without any problems.

Important Dates and Actions

Date (2024)Action to Take
Early JanuaryVerify details on the portal
Mid-JanuaryComplete any pending e-KYC
Late JanuaryCheck bank account status
Expected DisbursementCheck the  account for installment

This simple timeline helps you keep track of what to do and when. By following these steps, you’ll be all set for the PM Kisan 16th Installment 2024. It’s good to be prepared and stay informed.

Future Projections:

After the PM Kisan 16th Installment 2024, farmers can look forward to continued support. While specific changes are not always predictable, the scheme’s goal remains the same to help farmers.

 Keep an eye out for official announcements about any updates or improvements. For instant updates and easy access, the PMKisan Mobile App is also a very helpful platform.


It’s expected in February or March 2024, but keep an eye on official updates.

Check the ‘Eligibility’ section on or follow the verification steps we discussed earlier.

Verify your bank details and e-KYC status. If everything’s in order, contact the helpline.

Yes, you can update them on the PM Kisan portal under the ‘Farmers’ Corner.’

The PM Kisan website is your best source for accurate and up-to-date information.


The PM Kisan 16th Installment 2024 is a financial aid and a commitment to India’s farmers. It’s vital for their stability and the country’s agriculture. 

Don’t wait; check your Pm Kisan status, make sure your documents are in order, and if you need help, reach out. The PM Kisan scheme is here for you, and staying informed and prepared means you’ll always be ready to receive the support you deserve.

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